An Optimized Procedure for Random-incidence Scattering Coefficient Measurement in 1:10 Scaled Reverberation Room (en)

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Day / Time: 09.03.2023, 11:00-11:40
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Abstract: In practical scale model measurements, small errors and changes in measurement conditions can affect the accuracy of sound energy propagation and decay at high frequencies (over 10 kHz). With the same setup suggested by the ISO 17497-1 standard, scaled-down measurements show lower test accuracy than full-size measurements at high frequencies. This study conducted a series of experiments in a 1:10-scaled reverberation room to investigate the impacts of several practical aspects on measurement accuracy. Five aspects were studied, including recording method, number of source and receiver positions, turntable rotation conditions and number of averaging. Finally, an optimized measurement procedure of random-incidence scattering coefficient was proposed. The measured scattering coefficient values are more reliable when using the optimized procedure in the scaled tests, showing a much closer match to the reference data over the whole frequency range.


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