Global Sound Field Estimation of a Theatre Using an Efficient Multi- channel Room Acoustic Measurement System (en)

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Abstract: To obtain room impulse responses for a large number of receiver positions in a performance hall, it is essential to implement an efficient acoustic measurement procedure. Here we exemplify the application of a multi-channel room acoustic measurement system and the ITA-Toolbox for MATLAB developed by the Institute for Hearing Technology and Acoustics, RWTH Aachen University. The acoustic measurement has been carried out in Theater am Marientor (Duisburg, Germany) following the procedure established in the standard ISO 3381-1:2009. In the measurement, two 3-way Omnidirectional Dodecahedron Loudspeakers were placed at different positions on the stage as sound sources and were alternately excited automatically, and eight microphones were used to measure impulse responses at 198 receiver positions that were distributed uniformly throughout the audience seating area but unsymmetrical about the centerline. Finally, a series of room acoustic parameters, including early decay time EDT, reverberation time T30, sound strength G, clarity C80, definition D50 and center time Ts, were calculated with ITA-Toolbox and then visualized by means of colour maps. The data measured at such many positions can be used for analysis of the spatial distribution characteristics of sound field and validation of theoretical prediction and computer simulation results (including auralization).


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