Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Ambisonics-based Spatial Audio Systems: A Wave-Domain Approach (de)

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Day / Time: 09.03.2023, 11:00-11:40
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Abstract: The technique of wave-domain adaptive filtering (WDAF) is a powerful tool in massive-multichannel acoustic system identification. By choosing fundamental solutions of the wave-equation for signal representation, the adaptive filter no longer models the acoustic paths from loudspeakers to microphones, but from wave-component to wave-component. In suitable setups the modeled paths in the wave-domain exhibit desirable properties, which can be exploited to improve the system identification task. Recently, the authors have successfully applied the WDAF method to three-dimensional acoustical setups and have proposed suitable transforms based on the Ambisonics technique. In this contribution WDAF and the previously proposed transforms are applied to acoustic echo cancellation in Ambisonics-based spatial audio systems. The performance of techniques exploiting the above-mentioned properties is examined and compared with regard to echo reduction and misalignment in different scenarios.


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