Approach for exploring a search map through audible landmarks in Virtual Reality (en)

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Abstract: When using search engines, results are often presented in lists that rarely show a relationship between the items. This can be improved by grouping the Items by similarity and presenting the results on visual maps. However, such a visual presentation may be of limited use depending on the used screen or device. Conventional computer screens can lead to heavy overlapping while an expanded search map in virtual reality, placed around the user’s head, can remedy this. The disadvantage of this approach is a possible orientation problem when items are out of the field of view. Therefore, we propose the concept of "audible landmarks" to guide attention and facilitate exploration and confidence in a virtual search map. "Audible landmarks" are a sonification of items in a search map, guiding the user through a search map by utilizing spatial audio. The contribution presents the concept and system for audio-visual guidance of attention in a search map. The system includes a visual 360° VR environment for displaying the map as well as a spatial audio representation of individual items and/or sonification of representative item clusters. In future, this system is intended to explore the benefit of "audible landmarks" in a search task.


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