Sound Recognition with a Humanoid Robot for a Quiz Game in Educational Environments (en)

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Day / Time: 07.03.2023, 15:40-16:20
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Abstract: The use of humanoid robots for game-based learning is rapidly expanding from children's education to higher education with the development of AI technology and computer hardware. In this study, we explored the concept of game-based learning with sound recognition by a humanoid robot. We developed a quiz game-based learning scenario in an educational environment using a humanoid Pepper robot and two buzzer buttons that produce two different artificial sound sequences. A convolutional neural network (CNN) was used to detect by means of the received sounds of the buzzers, which buzzer was pressed or in case of two buzzers pressed, which was pressed first. The classification algorithm is based on spectrograms generated by the Short-Time Fourier Transforms (STFT). An Android application for the Pepper robot was developed that uses a text-to-speech service to ask questions to the participants, a function to record the sounds as long as the participants press the buzzers, a classification algorithm to recognize the buzzer pressed first and a record function for the answer. Depending on the participant's answer, the robot makes a happy or sad animation and awards points to that participant.


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