Measurements on non-linear vibrations of cymbals (en)


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Abstract: Although history of cymbals reaches back to early bronze age and although it's mass distribution since ages, this wide spread musical instrument is not often taken as an item of research. So lots of acoustic phenomena stay unclear. Now and then it's main musical purposes are time keeping and creation of space. All varieties of playing generate a sound of a wild but reproducible, complex mixture of stable, bifurcational and even chaotic behaviour of spectral components leading to the assumption of a more or less delayed conversion of longitudinal to bending waves. Hence this implies the existence of a special mechanism of energy storage at certain geometric non-linearities, more or less unequally distributed all over the cymbal. Measurements on energy distribution using techniques of laser vibrometrie, moreover confocal-laser-scanning-microscopy, FDM- and FEM-simulations were performed to explain the repercussions of production tools and possibly inhomogeneous bronze alloys used. In particular compaction and abrasion through hammering, machining and lathing causing macro- and micro changes in geometry and specific change of molecular crystal structure of the somehow impure alloy. Effects of ageing are studied likewise. This experimental survey leads to a possibly more precise formulation of sound phenomena of cymbals.


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