The Effect of Audio Spatialization on Plausibility in a Virtual Reality Communication Scenario (en)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 09.03.2023, 09:00-09:20
Room: Saal Y5
Typ: Vortrag (strukturierte Sitzung)
Abstract: The APlausE-MR project aims to gain a robust understanding of the factors influencing the audiovisual plausibility of shared experiences and communication in multi-party mixed reality environments. In this context, this study investigates the effect of audio spatialization on plausibility and presence perception in an interactive communication scenario. Pairs of participants perform an adapted version of an established conversation task in which they collaboratively identify differences between sets of objects in a virtual scene. The task is performed under an audio spatialization condition, where the conversational partner's voice is processed with a binaural rendering engine, as well as under a condition with monaural audio reproduction. This contribution presents results of the study based on questionnaires as well as behavioral and conversation analysis.


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