A.LI.EN: An audiovisual dataset of different acoustic impulse responses measured in a living room environment (en)

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Day / Time: 08.03.2023, 15:40-16:20
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Abstract: Environments are characterized by specific acoustic properties, which respectively pose varying challenges. For applications aiming at mixing real environments with virtual objects and scenes, the recognition and understanding of acoustic differences is an elementary basis to create an immersive and fused auditory environment. Acoustic measurements in realistic spaces where users are actively present can provide a database for this. This contribution documents the collection of various recorded Room Impulse Responses in such an environment. The measurements have been conducted in a small living room space using three different recording methods. A head-and-torso-simulator is utilized for measuring Binaural Room Impulse Responses over the azimuthal plane with a 4◦ resolution. Additionally, Directional Room Impulse Responses recordedwith the 32-channel Eigenmike, and a Spatial Decomposition Method microphone array to capture Spatial Room Impulse Responses are included. The chosen source-receiver settings include position, distance, and orientation variations. Cases, where the receiver was placed outside the main recording area, are also included. Thus, transitions between rooms are covered as well. Additionally, each measured scene is visually recorded using a high-resolution 360◦ camera. An acoustic evaluation in regard to the different recording techniques and settings is also included in this dataset.


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