A Mobile System for Audio-Visual Experiment: Validation Studies (en)

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Day / Time: 08.03.2023, 15:40-16:20
Typ: Poster
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Abstract: We are presenting a mobile apparatus for audio-visual experiments (MASAVE). MASAVE can be used for pupillometric studies, listening experiments and in general for a wide variety of combinations of listening experiments and eye-tracking. For our use case we had a study for measuring effortful listening induced fatigue in mind. The design goal was to keep the MASAVE lightweight to enable shipping the preassembled system to subjects for self-setup in home environments. We performed two experiments to validate the system. The first one tested the reliability speech perception data gathered with MASAVE under less than perfect acoustic conditions. We measured speech recognition thresholds (SRTs) in a lobby with clearly audible background noise with MASAVE and compared the data with data gathered in a sound-attenuated boot. We could not find statistical differences in measured SRTs even for speech levels as low as 40-45 dB SPL. In addition, we validated the usability of the preassembled system. The results showed that participants had no issues with setting up the system. From our findings we conclude that using MASAVE can be an alternative for a wide range of otherwise lab-bound experiments and therefore can help with overcoming limitations of lab capacities.


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