Modeling-applications of the Impulse Pattern Formulation (IPF) on musical instruments and beyond (en)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 08.03.2023, 18:00-18:20
Room: Saal Y7
Typ: Vortrag (strukturierte Sitzung)
Abstract: There are many nonlinear phenomena of musical instruments which ordinary analytical or numerical methods can hardly explain. Therefore, the Impulse Pattern Formulation (IPF) was developed. It can explain transitions between regular periodicity at a nominal pitch, bifurcation scenarios, and noise. The proposed recursive equation is based on the idea that impulses are produced at a generator entity within a musical instrument. Impulses then travel through the instrument, are reflected at various positions, are exponentially dampened, and finally trigger or at least interact with succeeding impulses of the generator while returning there. This talk shows how the IPF can be successfully applied to model the nonlinear and transient behavior of various musical instruments, like, e.g., flutes, a bowed string, or a clarinet. By modeling the coupling between a fretted zither and a supporting table, and its influence on the initial transients, it is shown how the IPF can be extended to research questions beyond musical instruments. Finally, the application of IPF is further extended, by successfully simulating how humans perceive music and react to it, e.g., by synchronizing their tempo to an external source, e.g., a metronome or another musician.


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