Noise sources identification in HVAC systems via lattice-Boltzmann and FW-H acoustic analogy computations (en)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 09.03.2023, 10:40-11:00
Room: Saal X 9-10
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
Abstract: This work describes the assessment of a noise sources detection method for HVAC systems based on lattice-Boltzmann and Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings acoustic analogy computations. First, scale-resolving aerodynamic and pure acoustic compressible flow simulations - carried out using the commercial solver SIMULIA PowerFLOW - are performed to extract the turbulent flow and the acoustic transfer function of a wall-bounded system, respectively. Hence, such fields are used as input to a recently developed in-house post-processor, OptydB-Lighthill, in order to compute the surface/volume source terms and the tailored Green’s function of the problem, respectively, as well as to perform their convolution in the frequency domain for the evaluation of the far-field noise at a given observer position. The proposed approach is validated against different test cases of increasing complexity: a leapfrogging vortex-rings motion in an unbounded flow, and automotive HVAC systems with and without blower. The far-field noise predictions obtained through OptydB-Lighthill are found in a good agreement with lattice-Boltzmann direct noise computations, allowing the usage of the present method for noise source detection in wall-bounded flows such as those characterizing HVAC systems.


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