Perception of Simultaneous and Sequential Musical Harmony in Cochlear Implant Listeners (en)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 08.03.2023, 08:40-09:00
Room: Saal X 7-8
Typ: Regulärer Vortrag
Session: Psychoakustik 2
Abstract: Musical harmony is essential in western music perception. However, in cochlear implant (CI) listeners, harmony perception is severely limited. One potential limitation in CI listeners is that the simultaneous occurrence of music chord components (voices) leads to complex interactions between electrodes in the cochlea. A possible solution might be a sequential (i.e., arpeggio-like) instead of simultaneous presentation of voices. Experiment 1 tested post-lingually implanted CI listeners and normal hearing (NH) controls in a two-alternative forced-choice (2AFC) paradigm in which participants were presented with two consecutive triads per trial and responded whether the triads were same or different. Voices were composed of two-, three-, or five-component harmonic complex tones and were presented either simultaneously or sequentially. In the sequential condition, we varied the time interval between the individual voices of the triad. In experiment 2, we investigated the cognitive harmonic integration of the perceptually optimized stimuli resulting from experiment 1. In an oddball task, participants were presented with three triads (e.g., two major and one minor triad) and responded which one was harmonically different from the other two. Critically, triads varied in F0s, thus, forcing participants to judge the voice relations rather than to track individual voices. Results will be discussed.


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