Directed 3D Assembly using Compact Holographic Sound Fields (en)

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 08.03.2023, 09:40-10:00
Room: Saal Y9
Typ: Vortrag (strukturierte Sitzung)
Abstract: The creation of whole 3D objects in one shot is an ultimate goal for rapid prototyping, most notably biofabrication, where conventional methods are typically slow and apply mechanical or chemical stress on biological cells. Fundamentally, this also requires the creation of full 3D fields that define the target objects’ whole shape at once. In this talk, I will present our technique to form compact 3D sound fields by the combined output of multiple acoustic holograms. The holograms can be optimized for in the same domain using a projected gradient descent approach. Finally, I will share experimental results for one-step assembly of matter in 3D. The technique is contactless and shown to work with solid microparticles of positive acoustic contrast, including silica gel particles, hydrogel beads and biological cells inside standard labware. The structures can further be fixed via curing of the surrounding medium. In contrast to our previous work, this approach to particle trapping does not require opposing waves, supporting surfaces or scaffolds.


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