Real-time signal processing as a tool to teach and to raise awareness – DSP and hearing loss simulation (en)


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Day / Time: 07.03.2023, 15:40-16:20
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Abstract: Digital signal processing is omnipresent in science and technology. With the increasing role of digital electronics and computer processing in sensing and communication, this discipline can be considered a cornerstone of modern engineering and science education.The mathematical description of digital signals and system relies heavily on discrete mathematics and transformations that require a certain level of abstraction. Simple systems like filters to shape the spectral contents of an acoustic signal are described and designed in a complex-valued domain. The transfer of mathematical abstraction to an audible result often is a hindrance to make the required connections across abstraction levels. Here we present efforts to use an embedded low-cost real-time signal processing platform in the domains of engineering education and as a tool to raise public awareness of hearing loss. The two systems are based on BELA.IO with added hardware peripherals. The resulting systems allow real-time design and evaluation of digital filters, and to experience perceptual effects o hearing impairment. The processing platform is commercially available, and the implemented processing systems are freely available for educational purposes.


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